Opening 1
How Deep is the Ocean

Tang Shiang-Chu / 2000 / 60’ / Taiwan / 16mm / COLOR
This documentary is about director Tang’s Tao (Lanyu tribesman) friend, Mamuno. Through Mamuno’s experience of returning to his origin and Tang’s examining of his own life, the film shows how the two people interact and their brotherly caring for each other. Tang and Mamuno, coming from different backgrounds, share the same passion towards the ocean. We see what Mamuno went through a part of his life as a Tao, and Tang’s intent of finding the origin of his own life. The inseparable relationship between man and nature is also observed.

Opening 2
The Image Man

Jorge Prelorán / 1970 / 53’ / Argentine / DCP / COLOR
The Image Man is an ethnobiography of Hermógenes Cayo, a self-taught woodcarver and painter who lives on the high Andean plateau of Argentina. The film portrays Hermógenes, his wife Aurelia Kilpe, and their children in their Andean lifestyle, as well as Hermogenes' passion for painting, carving, building, and his devotion to the Virgin Mary. The film does not follow a traditional narrative structure, transitioning between themes and revisiting earlier themes later. In this way the film weaves a portrait of Hermógenes Cayo, the craft of image making, an indigenous Catholicism, as well as portraying the lifestyle of a solitary Andean family braving the harsh conditions of their surroundings. The relationship between individual and culture, as well as cultural change, is artfully expressed by Prelorán.

Closing 1
The Vast Deep Blue Ocean

Layway Dalay / 2015 / 70’ / Taiwan / 8mm HD / COLOR
When Director Laway was small, his father began working as crew on fishing boats out of the port of Kaohsiung. All through his youth, Laway's mother took him by Kinmen bus from Taitung to Kaohsiung to visit his father every year or two. Amis people have worked on fishing boats for years, and such family visits were common in the years from 1940 to 1960. With permission granted in April of 2013, Director Laway picked up his camera to film six of the Amis crew members. He boarded a Taiwanese ocean-going ship on Bona Bei island - an American possession in the South Pacific. With this ship he followed a purse seiner for 20 days, filming the crew's hard work and difficult life. To conclude, how was Laway’s father able to get through twenty years of his working career as a crew member? The director's only assistant is the son of a photographer - Mayaw‧Laway

Closing 2
In Between

David Ofek, Neta Shoshani, Helit Levy / 2013 / 55’/ Israel / HD / COLOR
Dana and Amit met when they were 25, they married and had 2 children. Soon after their second child, Amit turned ultra-orthodox. Dana stayed secular. They are still very much in love. Will their love be able to overcome the growing gaps between them?

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