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Kian Tjong & Jim de Sève / 2012 / 65’ / Indonesia / HDV / COLOR
In a peculiar travelogue, two filmmakers dive into an ancient rite of manhood in Islamic Java – the tender and raucous sport of the singing doves. When General Zainuri announces the National Perkutut Championship, thousands of Muslim men arrive at the grounds. Seven hundred poles stand in the center. Men hoist their doves – perkutut – seven meters up and dangle them in a sea of colorful cages. A team of judges passes through the forest of tall posts straining to discern the birds’ magical coos. If the judges are impressed they score a bird’s song by tacking a small flag to the pole. After three hours a winner is declared.
Director Introduction-
Kian Tjong & Jim de Sève
Jim de Sève and Kian Tjong produced and directed the documentary Tying the Knot, about the fight to open marriage for same-sex couples. The film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and was theatrically released in 2004 (by Roadside Attractions) at the height of the debate and won eleven festival awards, including Best Documentary at the 2004 Frameline Film Festival. To date, Tying the Knot has screened in 70 U.S.cities, 110 festivals and 21 countries.
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