TIEFF 2003

The Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival (TIEFF) is a biennial festival. Its aim is to put the spotlight on the many extraordinary documentary films that have been made about culture and ethnography.
TIEFF, held in Taipei, is organized by the Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography. This is a non-profit organization, which aims to promote ethnographic knowledge. TIEFF will offer a venue for the screening of films and videos, and also a forum for confrontation and discussion. There is no competition category in the festival and the most important criterion for participating films is a respect for other cultures. The 2nd TIEFF will be held October 3-7, 2003. This major event of Taiwanˇ¦s cultural calendar is expected to attract large audiences of filmgoers, teachers and students.
In addition to the main program, TIEFF will also contain a retrospective of famous ethnographic films. The theme of TIEFF 2003 is ˇ§Migration Storyˇ¨ which aims to focus on various experiences of migration . Films may be entered specifically for this thematic element.
A further section of the festival will be devoted to films made during the last two years.

Regulation for entry

1. The festival is open to films made in 35mm, 16mm, Betacam, DV format. Deadline for entry is June 10, 2003.
2. The selection of films for the festival will take place in cooperation with the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.
3. In order to apply for selection, send a VHS preview copy (preferably NTSC) of the film to the address provided below. These preview tapes will remain in the possession of TIEFF for non-commercial academic use only.
4. In addition to the VHS preview tape and the entry form, please include the following items (preferably also on floppy disc or as an e-mail attachment):
- A synopsis (about 250 words) and press releases, if available.
- A short biography / filmography of the filmmaker.
- A credit list and a list with technical data.
- Two still photographs from the production to be included in the festival catalogue and for promotional purposes. These photos will stay in the possession of TIEFF.
5. The entry should be in English or Chinese or have Chinese or English subtitles.
6. Notification of selection will be given prior to July 30, 2003.
7. Screening format of TIEFF is 35mm, 16mm or Betacam (NTSC).
8. In case of selection, the holder of the copyrights authorises TIEFF to promote the production on public television in short trailers up to 4 minutes in length.
9. The costs of sending and returning selected films will be borne by TIEFF.


Entry Form

Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography
Room 2609, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica Nankang, Taipei 115, TAIWAN
Tel: +886 2 2652 3452
Fax: + 886 2 2785 5836
E-mail : tieff@gate.sinica.edu.tw


Festival Staff

President : Hu Tai-Li
Program director : Hu Tai-Li ; Lin Wen-Ling
International Coordinator : Jacob Huang
Domestic Coordinator : Tung Li-Hua
Administrative Coordinator : Wu Pei-Hua
EditorˇGDavid Blundell


Selection Committee

Lin, Wen-Ling

Hu, Tai-Li

Li, Tzu-Ning

Tsao, Jy-Peng

Wang, Wei-Tsy

Hsieh, Shih-Chung

Yu, Kan-Ping

Ma, Teng-Yu

Jonathan Chen

Jacob Huang


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