The Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival (TIEFF) is the first festival of its kind in Taiwan. Over the years, ethnographic film festivals all over the world have performed an important educational role in society by promoting high quality ethnographic films to the general public. In establishing TIEFF, the festival committee hope to foster a deeper understanding of diverse cultures through the mediums of images and sound. We hope that such a festival will encourage the constructive interaction between cultures and reflection on Taiwan's own cultural identity.

The First Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival is being organized by the Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography, with the assistance of the Museum of the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica. The festival will take place on Sept. 21-25, 2001. During this period, 34 films from 22 countries will be screened. The main theme of the festival is "2001 Island Odyssey," which will take audiences on a journey transcending space and time. It aims to use the medium of audio-visual technology to explore the development of island culture and to develop bonds between islands around the world.

Apart from many films dealing with islands, the festival selection committee have also included many recently completed cultural documentaries in the festival's program. In the 1st TIEFF, the films will be divided into the following 5 categories: Retrospective, Orchid Island in Focus, Island Odyssey--International, Island Odyssey--Domestic, and New Vision.

The TIEFF is a biennial festival. Following the festival this year, we are going to select some films and organize to run traveling festival all over Taiwan through 2002. The 2nd TIEFF has been scheduled for 2003.

Regulation for entry

1 The festival is open to films made in 35mm, 16mm, Betacam , DV format. Deadline for entry is 10, June 2001.

2 The selection of films for the festival will take place in cooperation with the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

3 In order to apply for selection, send a VHS preview copy (preferably NTSC) of the film to the address provided below. These preview tapes will remain in the possession of TIEFF for internal use only. During the festival all entries will be included in a various library at the festival premises.

4 In addition to the VHS preview tape and the entry form, please include the following items (preferably also on floppy or as an e-mail attachment):

- A synopsis (about 200 words) and press releases, if available.

- A short biography / filmography of the filmmaker.

- A credit list and a list with technical data.

- Two still photographs from the production to be included in the festival catalogue and for promotional purposes. These photos will stay in the possession of TIEFF.

5 The entry should be in English or Chinese or have Chinese or English subtitles.

6 Notification of selection will be given prior to 10, July 2001.

7 Screening format of TIEFF is 35mm, 16mm or Betacam.

8 In case of selection, the holder of the copyrights authorises TIEFF to promote the production on public television in short trailers up to 4 minutes in length.

9 The costs of sending and returning selected films will be borne by TIEFF.


Entry Form



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